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This is the landing page for all payments to the Association.  Please click on one of the links below, depending on what payment you need to make.  If you have a paypal account you can use that for payment.  If not, or if you want to pay by other means (credit card), please select the 'I dont have a paypal account' option on the paypal site and enter your payment details. 

Thank you very much for your support.

Member Area Access (1 Year)

This link is for individuals who have not attended the AIT annual face to face conference in the previous three years (fee allows 1 year access at a cost of £50 GBP per year).

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Consultant Listing (1 Year)

This link is for consultants who wish to be listed on the resource page (cost of £30 GBP per year)

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Job Listing

This link is for employers who wish to have an open position listed on the jobs page (cost £200 GBP per job advert)

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Other Payments
This link is for conference sponsors who may want to provide donations at any level

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