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Thank you for visiting our site.  We are delighted to introduce you to the Association of Inhalation Toxicologists (contact

The AIT was founded in 1981 and is now a premier international association for practicing inhalation toxicologists and those with interest in inhaled drug development or evaluation of environmental inhalation exposuresThe aim of the Association is to promote open discussion, exchange of ideas and the presentation of high quality scientific research in the field of inhalation toxicology at our annual conference. Our small friendly association arranges conferences annually on different subjects as seen on this site as well as promoting and maintaining a close network of scientists working in this field.  Society membership is free for 3 years with conference attendance.


Access to the member only area of this website is also free for anyone who has attended the conference within the past three years and allows access to presentations from previous conferences. Those who have not attended an AIT conference for more than three years will be asked to pay a small fee for website access.  Just select the 'login/sign up' button and provide your information.  Your information will not be shared with any third party.

Please enjoy our site and if you would like more information or would like to attend our next meeting then please contact us.

The recent recorded AIT webinars, PDF slides and posters are at the following links (AIT members only can view these):

2023 AIT conference PDF slides and posters here

2023 AIT conference photos here

2022/23 completed AIT webinars, PDF slides and submitted posters here

AIT Annual General meeting documents here

An article published by Inhalation Magazine on the AIT can be found here

Inhalation Magazine:

Free subscription to Inhalation:

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