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Below are a list of upcoming events.  Feel free to contact us if you'd like your event highlighted here

The AIT are planning the next 3 day face to face conference in the autumn of 2022 or spring of 2023 (hopefully to be held in Gothenburg in Sweden). We may need to revert to virtual webinar sessions if a face to face conference is not feasible. More details to follow soon.  

If you have a poster that is related to inhalation and you would like it exhibited then please let the AIT know.

Exhibitors are also welcome if we do go ahead with a face to face conference (more details coming soon).


The following are some of the proposed topics: 

1. Inhaled cannabinoids.

2. Characterisation and Translation of dose for in vitro exposure systems.

3. Intranasal dosing route  


4. Foundational data (anatomical and physiological parameters) for respiratory tract across life stages (e.g. 3 months through adulthood).


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BSTP upcoming events as of March 2022